Badpuppy Model: Jackson Gunn

Jackson Gunn

I'm introducing my first production for Badpuppy with muscle-hunk, competitive bodybuilder, Jackson Gunn. Although I have been producing pro-am content for Badpuppy's ClubAmateurUSA for 10+ years, ironically, over this past weekend, I was more nervous about shooting this solo scene than I have been since August 2003 when I first began shooting content for CAUSA's launch. Badpuppy Bill counseled me to share my thoughts with you. So, please be gentle, gentlemen. I am an amateur producer, and "glossy" porn is not my forte' - nor is our studio setup for glossy production. The foci in this video & in any of my future productions on behalf of Badpuppy are a relaxed, comfortable environment for the models, the model's pleasure, and the pleasure of the membership. Regarding Jackson, holy shitballs, he is one big boy! I love that he sat back, went into his own sexual zone, and busted a nut without having to watch other "inspirational" videos. That's talent. Enjoy! Casey Black

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Badpuppy Model: Tate Ryder & Lance Luciano

Tate Ryder & Lance Luciano

When youíre standing in a locker room & Tate Ryder stares at you with his almost cat eyes, thereís a reason why Lance Luciano immediately drops to his knees & takes Tateís raging erection all the way to the base. DAYUM! And thatís within the first minute of this effen hot video! Gorgeous guys with amazing bodies & two big olí cocks that stay hard the entire time.

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Badpuppy Model: Skye Radek

Skye Radek

We find Skye Radek hanging out in a locker room (WOOF!), and soon scruffy, blue-eyed guy is showing us his manhole & playing with his thick sausage.

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Badpuppy Model: Topher DiMaggio

Topher DiMaggio

After a brief Q&A, Topher treats us to shower where the hot water cascades across his ripped abs & unbelievable bubble butt. After toweling off, Topher's already popped a chubby, and then the real fun begins.

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Badpuppy Model: Terry Torson & Adam Rupert

Terry Torson & Adam Rupert

For all of you Badpuppies who love waking up your lover via a little oral pleasuring, this video is sure to give your bone some lift. Terry Torson is splayed & slumbering under the comforter with a naked Adam Rupert having other activities in mind beyond sleeping. From oral to an anal flip-flop, this Higgins video has it all -- and will two rather hot CZ boys!

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Badpuppy Model: Milos Zambo & Ivo Kerk

Milos Zambo & Ivo Kerk

19 year old Milos Zambo and 18 year old Ivo Kerk, both come to us from the Czech Republic. They are full time students and both in fitness and working out. These uncut studs are working out in Ivo's home gym and find themselves horny, stripping down and moving on to some playful foreplay. They stand rubbing their cocks together, working their way on to bigger and better things! Ivo drops down to the floor licking and sucking his tool and balls. He begins rubbing and fingering Milos hole, stroking his cock at the same time. After he puts on his condom, he begins plowing Milos ass, as he holds his leg up by his ankle, to get in deeper. Ivo lays back on the weight bench and Milos mounts his cock and bounces up and down, going for a wild ride. Milos lays back, legs up on the floor, with Ivo fucking him from above. Milos does not last long and unloads across his abs. Ivo pulls out and blasts a stream of cum across Milos shaved balls, with them both now breathing a sigh of relief!

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Badpuppy Model: Christopher Daniels & Steven Ponce

Christopher Daniels & Steven Ponce

Steven Ponce and Christopher Daniels are a pair of 31 year old cut ginger boys, with Steven being a Production Assistant in Fort Lauderdale and Christopher being a Dancer at a local club in Las Vegas! They are both 31 years old and horny as hell! Steven goes straight for Christopher's thick, hard cock, doing his best to deep throat it, while Christopher maintains a finger or two up Steven's ass! They are really into each other and slip into a 69 position and enjoy some mutual self service, with a whole lot of cock and ball sucking going on! Steven's laid back with his legs up in the air while Christopher gives him a thorough ass eating! Ready to rock, Christopher puts on his condom and literally fucks the stuffing out of Steven. They move around the bed, screwing from all angles and Steven is not able to hold back anymore, spewing a creamy load across his abs, with Christopher licking it off, while delivering a load of his own in cum-bination with Steven's already cream coated stomach!

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Badpuppy Model: Steven Besido

Steven Besido

23 year old Steven Besido comes to us from across the pond. He is a full time student at the local University in his hometown of Prague. This uncut stud is very much into fitness and loves Thai Boxing, which he's quite good at. He's home alone and decides it's as good a time as any to rub out some frustrations from his long day of exams. He leans back on the couch, caresses his body, removing his shirt and unbuttoning his jeans, showing off his fit body and his perfect uncut cock. Steven is one sexy hunk of man meat for sure. He begins stroking his tool and palming his balls, preparing for some firm stroking action. He kneels on the couch, rubbing his tree trunk thighs and beautifully smooth backside. Steven turns and on all 4's he tugs down on his tool, spreads his cheeks, showing off and massaging his man hole! The time has come for Steven to bring this session to a close. He takes a firm hold, spreads the eye of his cock and continues on to rub out a thick and creamy load!

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Badpuppy Model: Rob Tadeus & Igor Vinsky

Rob Tadeus & Igor Vinsky

20 year old Rob Tadeus and 34 year old Igor Vinsky, come to us from across the pond. Their age difference certainly makes no difference to the. Rob begins by going down as best he can on Igor's fat uncut tool! He swallows Igor's monster, which he can only take about half way down his throat. He licks, sucks and strokes, getting Igor all horned up and ready to move in on Rob, who is bent over while Igor rubs and rims his throbbing hole. Rob lays on his back, boots up in the air while Igor gives him a hot ass munching, moving on to Rob's uncut tool, taking it deep, while Rob jerks Igor's man meat! Ready to take the plunge, Igor holds Rob's legs up, while giving him a good ass pounding, resulting in sounds of pleasured pain. Rob turns face down and Igor digs in from another angle. Rob gets in some ball play on Igorís low hangers. Igor stands over Rob and they both begin jerking, with Rob cumming first, followed by Igor squirting his creamy load across Rob's chin and shoulder!

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Badpuppy Model: Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels

31 year old Christopher Daniels comes to us from Las Vegas. He loves to work out and does a great deal of traveling. After the interview Christopher stands in front of the mirror and slowly undresses. He bends over giving a great view of his pulsating hole and gives his hard cock some rubbing and tugging, while firmly squeezing his balls. He's a true red head and sports a sexy beard and mustache, along with some trimmed up red pubes. He bends over and with one leg up on the couch and one on the floor, he milks his man meat and finger massages his ass. Now laying back on the couch, he takes a firm grip, working the top portion of his cock as he nears his peak. When he cannot hold back any longer, Christopher delivers multiple cum squirts across his upper chest and across his entire torso!

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